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We are getting more and more calls for squirrels in the attic.

If you are hearing the noises at night in your attic, more than likely you have a flying squirrel issue. In order to properly and permanently solve the problem, it is highly recommended that the entire home be wildlife proofed. This means that any potential entry (any gap or crack that’s the width of two fingers) must be sealed. Flying squirrels are nocturnal animals that are not much bigger than a large hamster and they can glide for over 150 ft. They are colony animals and its not uncommon to remove 10 or more per home. This makes flying squirrels difficult to trap and exclude. We offer a long term solution that is backed by a 5 year guarantee on the work.

If you are hearing the noises during the morning and afternoon, the issue is more than likely grey squirrels. Grey squirrels are much larger than flying squirrels. These are the same squirrels that you commonly see. We also offer full exclusion for these as well. The grey squirrels are moving in to prepare their late winter nest and have babies. It is not uncommon for her late summer adolescent young to follow as well. On average, we remove 3-6 squirrels in addition to the nest of baby squirrels.

If you are hearing a slow…”scratch…scratch…scratch..” noise, there’s a good chance that you actually have a mouse issue. This can be handled by your local pest control company. If you do not have one, I highly recommend .


We are currently scheduling bat exclusions for August. If you have bats, please contact us to get on our schedule.

3 Biggest Risks When Bats Infest a Home

There are more than 900 species of bats and of those bats, less than 1% of all bats have rabies. But, that doesn’t mean the other 99% of bats are good to have around the home. Carolina Wildlife Removal, a Raleigh bat removal company, wants to warn against the dangers of a bat infestation in the home.

Hearing high pitched squeaking noises and noticing mouse like droppings in the exterior of the home, are the two main things that are noticed when bats infest a home.

The largest risks that bat infestations can cause for Raleigh homeowners include:

  1. Rabies Exposure. It is important to note that rabid bats are rare, but it is tough to know if the situation involves rabid bats. Thus, a Raleigh bat removal company will treat all bats as though they are rabid. If a rabid bat comes in contact with a human, it can be dangerous to their health and may even lead to death if left untreated. Post exposure rabies vaccinations are costly.
  2. Odor. One of the first signs of a bat infestation in the home is stains on the walls cause by the oils of their skin or droppings. However, more damage can be done by bats. If the problem isn’t properly dealt with, the droppings can accumulate and cause odor issues. This is why it is very important to call a Raleigh wildlife removal company when the signs start showing up around the home.
  3. Damage. Your attic insulation can become soiled and compressed by the bat activity. This can result in a very expensive remediation project.

Worried about a potential bat infestation? Or know someone who’s experiencing these signs in their home? Then it is time for a call to Carolina Wildlife at 919-808-4667 to get a second opinion. As a Raleigh bat removal company, we offer a 5 year guaranteed warranty to be pest free!