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Get Rid of Bats – Removal Services Dispel Them for Good

When it comes to your health and safety, no animals threaten your peace of mind more than bats. Removal and exclusion are the only effective means of protecting your home from bat invaders. At Carolina Wildlife Removal of Raleigh, North Carolina, we apply strict attention to detail, as well as effective trapping methods, to rid your property of bats. The Carolina Wildlife Removal team has extensive experience removing bats from historic homes, hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings.

When it comes to bats, removal and exclusion are Carolina Wildlife Removal’s specialties. During the removal process, no bats are harmed. Carolina Wildlife Removal also pays special attention to your property. As a result, your building is free from pests and your property’s exterior remains neat and orderly.

Bat Removal and Exclusion on Your Terms

You deserve a pest-free home. When you work with Carolina Wildlife Removal, we deliver effective wildlife exclusion services that accommodate your budget. Joseph makes a point to price bat removal by the job, and not through tricky “entry points.” At the initial inspection, Joseph provides a set price, which does not change. As a result, you pay far less for services compared to other wildlife control firms that take an itemized approach to pricing. Bat removal and exclusion are priced according to your specific needs, and after Carolina Wildlife Removal names the price, you can expect to pay that amount at the end of the service.


Information on Bats and Rabies

Bats are a serious health concern. They are known carriers of rabies, and rabies vaccinations can cost up to $10,000 per person. Their potential to spread rabies is so high that even the Health Department recommends post-exposure vaccinations – even if you don’t come into contact with a bat. For this reason, it is necessary to take decisive action when you discover a bat in your home. Don’t assume that the problem will resolve itself, contact Carolina Wildlife Removal and protect your home from the risk of rabies.

Checking for Bats

Bats may be around your home if you discover droppings. These may look larger than mouse droppings. In addition, it is also helpful to monitor common entry points for bats. Bats tend to roost in attics. They gain access to your attic through the vents – even if they are screened.

Top-Quality Bat Removal and Wildlife Control

Taking all jobs, whether big or small, the high-quality bat removal and wildlife control service of Carolina Wildlife Removal in Raleigh, North Carolina, ensures bats are removed from your home safely. Guano removal and clean up offered.

We differ from our competition because we pay attention to the minor details. We seal any possible entry point and guarantee the work for 5 years. Moreover, we offer an extended warranty after the LIFETIME WARRANTY with annual inspections is up to further give you peace of mind that your home and family is being protected from bats. All jobs are monitored and inspected by the owner of Carolina Wildlife Removal.

What to do if you have a bat inside your living space?

IMPORTANT! It is very important that if you find a bat INSIDE your living space, DO NOT RELEASE IT OR KILL IT!! you must either catch the animal or call a professional to remove the bat. We offer after hour emergency services. You can call animal control or us at 919-808-4667. If we do not answer, text AND leave a message. If no one contacts you within the next 10 minutes call 910-282-7415 several times till someone answers. The bat must be tested for rabies. If the bat cannot be tested, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all occupants receive post exposure rabies vaccinations.

Do you have bats?

One of the telling signs that you may have bats is the presence of their feces, which look like large mouse droppings. Usually these can be seen stuck to the side of the home directly under a louvered attic vent. Another sign is hearing chirping and a high pitched squeaking coming from your attic. It is important to note that they usually gain access through the vents in your attic. Even though most vents have screening on the inside, the bats can still get through. They can also enter through any crack the width of your thumb. Most homes have at least 10 to 15 entry points for bats, so call us to bat-proof your home properly.

Preventing Bats from Returning

Bats are a compact species. They are so small that they can gain entry through openings that are as narrow as your finger. For this reason, Carolina Wildlife Removal takes a meticulous approach to bat exclusion. We seal off every possible entry point, so bats cannot re-enter your property. The sealant we use is specifically designed for wildlife exclusion work, which works in conjunction with copper mesh. This combination provides total protection from bat invaders.

Simply sealing off the attic vents is not enough to “bat proof” a home, which is why Carolina Wildlife Removal closes off every possible crack. Each wildlife exclusion service is backed by a five-year guarantee, along with extension options. As a result, you reap the benefits of total coverage – from the inside and out.

A bat exclusion service includes an in-depth consultation that properly identifies how bats are gaining entry to your home. Most homes have 10-15 entry points. Carolina Wildlife Removal’s effective exclusion methods ensure bats are able to leave your property, but make it impossible to return. Removal of guano, or droppings, is also included in the service.

What to Do When You Discover a Bat

When you find a bat in your home, you must take decisive action. Close off the room, and keep all doors and windows shut. Place a towel beneath the door. Call 911, so that animal control may be dispatched. If animal control is closed, Carolina Wildlife Removal is available to exercise emergency bat removal procedures. Remember, the longer you wait to call, the harder it will be to find and remove the bat.

Taking the necessary precautionary measures will ensure your safety. After a qualified removal specialist detains the bat, it must be alive and tested for rabies. If the bat cannot be tested, it is recommended by the North Carolina Center for Disease Control that anyone who was inside the structure should receive rabies vaccinations.

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