Videos on Wildlife Removing Services

Carolina Wildlife Removal of Raleigh, North Carolina, is a dedicated wildlife removing company that humanely rids your property of unwelcome animal guests. From squirrels and opossums to bats and honey bees, this company has the resources and equipment to clear your home of vermin in a safe manner. The animal removal process is intricate, and Joseph and his staff want you to have full confidence in every service they conduct. View a few of these educational videos to learn about various creatures and their impact on your property. Be sure to contact Carolina Wildlife Removal for all your wildlife control needs.

We differ from our competition because we pay attention to the minor details. We seal any possible entry point and guarantee the work for 5 years. Moreover, we offer an extended warranty after the 5 year warranty is up to further give you peace of mind that your home and family is being protected from bats. All jobs are monitored and inspected by the owner of Carolina Wildlife Removal.

Learn about Bat Removal and Exclusion

Bats are usually found roosting in the eves and attic of your home. Bats defecate in the attic and this can cause serious respiratory problems. Bats are also a major vector for rabies.

What do you do if you have a bat inside your living space?

It is very important that if you find a bat inside your living space, DO NOT RELEASE IT OR KILL IT!! You must either catch the animal or call a professional to remove it. Carolina Wildlife Removal offers 24 Hour Emergency Services. The bat must be tested for rabies. If the bat cannot be tested, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all occupants receive post exposure rabies vaccinations.

It is important to note that they usually gain access through the vents in your attic. Even though most vents have screening on the inside, the bats can still get through. They can also enter through any crack the width of your thumb. Most homes have at least 10 to 15 entry points for bats, so call us to bat-proof your home properly.

Learn about Honey Bee Removal and Exclusion

Honey bees are very beneficial insects. We do everything that we can to relocate them safely. The bees that we collect are donated to NCSU or a local bee keeper.

Humane Methods

When you contact us, our staff will head out to your location and determine what kind of wildlife problems you have. Once we identify the problem, we employ the best removal method and set up traps to properly and humanely remove the animals. This service can take anywhere from several days to more than a week.

The Nature of Animals

Keep unwanted wildlife out of your home and businesses. These include honey bees, squirrels, raccoons, birds, bats and opossums. They frequently make their homes in your attics or crawl space. Squirrels will chew at your wires in your attic. Raccoons will nest in your chimney and attic, leaving nasty piles of droppings. Opossums will nest in crawl spaces, tearing down insulation and leaving droppings on the vapor barrier.

Contact us today to request an estimate from an insured and certified wildlife removing company. Joseph and his staff proudly serve customers throughout Raleigh, Morrisville, Cary, Holly Springs, and Apex, North Carolina.

Job Locations

Building gaps after painted flasing

Multicatch running on downspout of gutter

Squirrel trap preset

Multi set on attic fan

Alma N.: I was very impressed with the crew’s receptiveness and willingness to assist me with my questions and concerns! A very nice crew to work with that I highly recommend!!

Bats in the attic. Squirrels in the attic.

Lauren W.: Highly recommend this company to anyone experiencing any wildlife removal issues! Very quick and responsive compared to other companies out there. Thank you again for taking care of our squirrel problem!!!!

April B.: I’m very pleased with my service from them. Craig came out and to take care of my problem and he knew what he was talking about, he had a good attitude and was pleasant to work with. He was prompt and did a phenomenal job.

Kristina O.: The lady who answered the phone was above and beyond kind, polite and felt very comfortable talking to. But the person who called me back about the concern I had with the ducks was rude and I was told to leave them be they are tired and just let them sleep and was cutt off told to have a good day and to me he just seemed fustrated thinking it was just someone calling about ducks who were just sleeping and I was bothering them(this is my own opinion not a fact bc idk that’s just how he acted n I feel why he acted this way). Well I wanted to update bc the ducks were indeed tired and needed to sleep but could not bc they didn’t belong there. They were hungry, scared to death, dirty and wings clipped. Thankfully a stranger saved the ducks bc if they had not this would of been a sad outcome. Mabye the guy was having a bad day and I caught him at the wrong time idk. But the call could of been handled alittle bit better and kinder in my opinion but the lady who initially answered is the real MVP she was great!!

Lucinda T.: I paid to have Joseph come out to give an estimate ($75 for less than 10 minutes here) then the estimate was outrageous!!! An insane amount of money ($2200.00) for bats in attic. What’s crazy is my neighbor had the same work done by someone else for$400. I think this business making the bulk of its money by giving estimates because quotes are so high no one can afford it….and he keeps $75 for 8 minutes of work.

Response Dec 20, 2020

Our estimate included sealing all the siding gaps and properly bat proofing your home with a 5-year warranty. There are approximately 100 or so siding gaps that require sealing. You are not paying for 8 minutes of work, you are paying for my expertise in the wildlife removal/exclusion field (23 years experience) I do find it odd that you have written us a one star review concerning the quote and inspection fee (you were informed of the inspection fee prior to the appointment). If you knew someone that “could do it cheaper”, why did you schedule an appointment with us? Joseph Herring Owner Update: Mrs. Thrall, I was on your street the other day pricing a job. I could see from the street that you had someone attempt to remove your bats. They were not successful. I’ve emailed you a picture of the bat guano accumulating on your home. I would attach the photo here but unfortunately that is not an option.

A. L.: Dealt with CWR twice, quick responses both times. Needed them to check on a screen they installed years ago; turned out to not be a problem; no charge.

Emily A.: They came out promptly, but I from the get-go, I feel like I was being upsold before they even addressed the problem, which was squirrels in my attic. Wanting to do the general contracting to close the builder’s gaps to keep animals out, etc. I was quoted $2400. The next day, I had Triangle Wildlife come out and they immediately found 3 baby squirrels. They also do the general contracting to keep the animals out. It won’t cost nearly $2400. I texted Carolina Wildlife and he wrote back that he’ll send me an invoice for the inspection.

Kate L.: Joseph is the person to call if you’re looking for an effective, humane solution for wildlife removal. He has been responsive, efficient, and persistent in helping get raccoons out of my grandmother’s attic. Not only did he come back multiple times at no extra charge to ensure that the pheromones he used were working, but he went out of his way to let us know about some unrelated issues that he spotted on the roof and ceiling, and he left us with a 1 year warranty on the repairs they made to the raccoon’s point of entry. I absolutely recommend giving Joseph a call if you are in need of these or similar services.

Susan H.: Terrible experience Carolina Wildlife Removal . The guy was of no help. Very rude and didn’t even attempt to locate snakes. Very dissatisfied with customer services. Yes I saw the snakes yesterday and I told you I heard them today. I am terrified of snakes, what makes you think I will go looking when I said I heard them. The enclose to the fireplace was easily detached because my neighbor took it off. You didn’t know how to take it off so I thank you for not tearing it up because I wouldn’t have paid a dime. Again, I will never utilize your services.

Response Sep 17, 2019

When you contacted us concerning the snakes, you were asked “Do you know where they are…can you see them…how long has it been since you saw the snakes?” We were led to believe that the incident had just occurred. Upon arrival, we were told that it was yesterday. The snakes had been seen in a glass enclosed fireplace, to which there was no reasonable access, other than doing property damage. You were not charged ANYTHING for us to drop what we were doing and drive 35 minutes to come out to your property. I do apologize for being a little irritated and not being about to help you.

Chris L.: Very honest and responsive. After finding a bat in our house late one evening, we called Carolina Wildlife Removal in a panic. Instead of charging us $250, Joseph recommended we call City of Raleigh Animal Control to remove it for free–which they did. Joseph also followed up with us to see how things went, and was able to visit our house the next day to inspect the house to see if we had a larger problem. Again, instead of charging us for services we did not need, Joseph was able to confirm that we do not have a bat infestation and that the one we saw just got in by accident. He also gave us suggestions to prevent any further accidental bat intrusions. We happily paid a modest inspection fee in exchange for good advice and an honest opinion. Highly recommended.

Barbara C.: Great service. Joseph Herring came to my house on a warranty call. He stands by his work, and his word. He identified my problem, and quickly took steps to make things right. I appreciate his knowledge and customer service. I highly recommend Carolina Wildlife for any kind of critter problem.

Carol D.: I called regarding a raccoon in my home and the owner was kind enough to suggest calling the city of Raleigh instead of paying him to do the work. What an honest person to route me in a different direction! I will definitely use Carolina Wildlife Removal for any future needs in my home or my businesses.

Russ R.: I contacted Joseph Herring at Carolina Wildlife Removal after noticing that a colony of honey bees had chosen to build a hive in the roof gable soffit at the front of my house. Joseph explained that in addition to the bee removal, it was also necessary to remove the hive or I would have future problems as the wax melted and the hive decayed. Within just a couple days, Joseph and his brother were able to collect the bees and remove the hive. Joseph even came by a couple days later to confirm the bees had been completely removed. I found Joseph to be very knowledgeable and professional in resolving my honey bee problem.

Momma P.: Please do your research and determine exactly what solution will solve your wildlife problem prior to paying Joseph $3,000 for what may only require a $700 fix. Jospeh is an excellent salesman but if you prefer to keep your money in your pocket, you can pay Triangle Wildlife Removal one third of the price for an excellent job!! Response to Joseph’s request for more warranty info: sure I will respond. Every company I called (four total) had very similar warranties, with the possible exception of you offering an extension if we complete a $150 annual inspection. As for apples to oranges service comparisons, why would I buy a $3,000 apple when I need. $665 orange?you may be selling people apples they don’t need. If squirrels suddenly begin pouring in my ridge vents, I will use the $2335 I saved to call Triangle Wildlife back. I’m sure they will fix the problem for a fair and reasonable price.

Squirrel in live trap. Squirrels in the attic. Heritage Wake Forest

Quintin M.: Joe was the best! He assessed the situation, created a plan and got the job done. Could not have worked with a better person and will definitely hire him again if needed! Thanks Joe!!! Quintin & Paulette

Flashing sealing up squrriel entry on gutter

Squirrels gaining entry via the gutters

Bat removal from attic. Full bat exclusion with a 5-year warranty.

Squirrels and Bats gaining entry to the structure. We are squirrel and bat proofing the home with a 5 year warranty.

Rita V.: We woke up to a find a dead deer on our property today, hit by a car during the night, I think. I called Carolina Wildlife Removal at 10 AM and they were able to come by the same day to remove the animal at a very competitive price. I highly recommend their company.

Jennifer R.: If you have any suspicion you’re in need at all for wildlife removal this is the place to call!! Joseph was so professional and honest about what he saw in our home only a day after being told by another company (specifically Bug Out, do not ever call them!) that we had a “bat infestation”. Not only do we not have a bat infestation but I was lied to by this other company on several different matters. Joseph was able to quickly identify exactly what I was actually looking at when it came to supposed “holes” in our roof (as claimed by Bug Out), as well as taking the time to even take a video to show me exactly what the corner of the attic actually looked like. he could have easily swooped in and taken this over and kept the other guys lie going to make a sale but instead he gave me real and honest answers as well as reassurance that we actually don’t have a bat problem at all. That is a CLASS ACT these days that you simply do not have the pleasure of running across very often anymore. Cannot recommend this business or Joseph enough!!!!

Raleigh R.: I was informed that it would cost $75 to come out inspect our house and give us a quote The money would be applied to the cost of work. They gave an outrageous quote of over $3400. The guy was almost an hour late and never called to say he would be late. I had to call him and then he was brusque and said let him talk. I wouldn’t recommend them.

Response Feb 13, 2021

Linda Monaghan, We gave you an hours window for the appointment, we were running slightly behind schedule. You called us and said that you had an errand to run. You agreed to text us when you were heading home. We arrived not long after that text. Your home is very large, 3835 sq ft, and it requires a lot of work due to properly seal it up to prevent the raccoons from gaining entry. There are many places that are entry points that requires custom metal work to PROPERLY seal. The home also requires 2 attic fan covers. The work that your handyman did on the home would have to be removed because it is not adequate and does not meet our standards in order to warranty the raccoon exclusion. You informed us that your handyman had also trapped and relocated the raccoon last year, this is not legal. You also informed me that your husband had recently trapped the raccoon, again, illegally and that the raccoon had escaped the trap. Now the raccoon has been educated by being trapped and it will be nearly impossible to trap. Raccoons are extremely smart and become trap shy after just one negative experience. I received an email from you this morning concerning the quote and a request for a refund for the inspection. I refused to give a refund because 1. You were informed of the inspection fee up-front. 2. I pointed out to you all the work that was required to properly seal the home, pointed out the MANY places that your handyman missed. You called us to give you a quote to PROPERLY remove the raccoon(s) AND PROPERLY seal the structure. This is what I gave you. Then you threatened my business with a bad review if I didn’t refund your $75.00. Joseph Herring-Owner

Kevin N.: Had a very good experience with Carolina Wildlife. Squirrels in our attic that were out of reach. Very thorough. Set traps outside 3 story house, checked them daily for weeks until certain squirrels were removed. Came back to the house and closed all gaps and put netting on possible entry points. Highly recommend.

Response Mar 04, 2020

Thank you for your business! Please let us know if you have any more issues!

Jennifer B. A.: We had a rat snake crawl under our kitchen cabinets and into a small crevice we could not reach. They were here in an hour and safely and humanely removed the snake with no issue or damage to our home. Wonderful service and peace of mind.

Charles S.: Spoke to owner, he indicated that they were experienced enough to do quotes without inspecting the problem. Will take him on his word. Changed quote to 3 stars from 1, to reflect the clarification. Will consider using them in future. Showed up, here 5 minutes, tried to upsell me $1600 to ‘squirrel proof’ my house, declined, offered to get rid of squirrel I originally called about for $550. Declined again, charged me $75 for showing up. I suppose this is the way they do business, just don’t see the value in $75 for 5 minutes of time!

Response Sep 17, 2019

Mr. Smith, You were informed of the inspection fee when you made the appointment. The entry point could clearly be seen from the ground. My tech gave you options to permanently exclude squirrels from your home. You then called us back a week later looking for a quote for the same issue, I recorded the conversation, informing you of the $75.00 inspection fee. You agreed to pay it, I then informed you that we have already been out once before. Our inspection fees go towards any work. As of this date, you still have not paid the invoice.

Kelli B.: These men know their stuff. They are thorough, efficient and effective. At the consultation, they ran a drone around our whole house to take photos of nooks they couldn’t see to better give us an accurate description of where the squirrels were coming in and an estimate. Whole project start to finish probably took a little over a month, as we kept the traps up to ensure all the squirrels were out. Then they came and patched every single thing up. Super nice and just great/easy to work with.

Kevin L.: Quick and effective! Joseph and his team installed bat-valves and exclusion netting for my attic. I haven’t seen or heard bats since then (September 2016). Additionally, Joseph has taken the time to answer my questions about lingering smells from a years-long bat infestation.

Kevin L.: Quick and effective! Joseph and his team installed bat-valves and exclusion netting for my attic. I haven’t seen or heard bats since then (September 2016). Additionally, Joseph has taken the time to answer my questions about lingering smells from a years-long bat infestation.

Johnathan B.: Great company to work with! Very polite & professional. Did a great job!

Jason R.: We had bats in our attic and Carolina Wildlife Removal came right out and got to work. The bats we’re gone within a few days and the areas where they were living was cleaned up and good as new. Thanks so much for your prompt and efficient service.

Response Sep 17, 2019

Sal Johnson, We have no record of you ever contacting us.

Joe B.: Joe and his team got rid of the bats that decide to take up residence in our attics. When calling around for help, he was the only one that was straight forward about his service and pricing. I contacted multiple companies and none, but Joe would give a range of how much $ and how long to remove the flying rodents. Everyone else said they’d charge for an appraisal of the situation, then do a quote,.

Megan B.: We had a few bees appear in our downstairs den and after a walk around the house, saw a bees busily flying in a small hole between siding and brick. A local bee keeper recommended Carolina Wildlife and Joseph to help with the safe – to humans and bees – removal of the hive. Joseph was quick to respond and was able to inspect the situation the day I contacted him. On the day scheduled for the removal, he and his team arrived on time and explained what they would be doing and why. They worked quickly and efficiently to both limit the house damage and remove the bees. They provided updates on their progress throughout. The cost quoted was the cost at the end – even after additional work was needed to finish the job. They are including a return trip to ensure all bees are removed from the hive. It was a great customer experience and I appreciate all of the help from the Carolina Wildlife team.

Squirrel trapping

Bat removal from the attic. Attic louvered vents custom screened. 5-year Warranty against bats.
Rat snake removal from bathroom

Bat droppings on the side of the home. We are removing grey squirrels and bats from this structure.

Squirrels in the attic. Gaining entry via the soffit vents.

Peter F.: A large black rat snake found its way into my backyard last Saturday. Only minutes after calling Carolina Wildlife Removal, Joe Herring arrived and removed the snake. Great guy. Great service. Highly recommended.

Chris R.: Came out on short notice, turned around service quickly, price was appropriate- they even found three more places bars were living that I never realized. Warranty is worth calling out as well – they’ve already come back to rehome the bats that moved to another area of the home. Great service. Five stars all around

Lucero G.: Man of the year! I am petrified of rodent-like animals that when I found out we had raccoons in our attic, I couldn’t bare to be in my own home. Mr.Herring was the only one of many agencies that I called, that called back and came swiftly. His extended business hours were of great help when we called after 5 PM and no one else would pick up the phone. He was able to effectively remove the family of raccoons. I can now enter my own home with a peace of mind that no other unwanted guests are there.

Response May 17, 2022

Thank you for the review!!! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Jamie P.: Never even called me back

Response Feb 15, 2022

My apologies. We are all human and miss things from time to time. I do see that you called last Monday at 5:02 pm. Apparently I checked the email and I forgot to call you back. I do not see where you reached out again other than to write us this review. Again, we do make mistakes from time to time. Joseph Herring

Andrew B.: My fiancé called to ask about squirrels in our attic. We were not told ahead of time that there would be an inspection fee. Over the phone he indicated that he would come out to take a look and provide a quote. We later got an inspection fee invoice of $75 and a very large quote. Need to be upfront about what the inspection fee cost before coming out.

Response Apr 28, 2021

We always inform our customers of the $75 inspection fee. If you can provide the phone number that the call was initiated from, I may be able to recover the recorded conversation. This is disclosed while setting the appointment. She was also informed that we would invoice for the inspection when the quote was emailed out. You were quoted for sealing up the whole structure with a one year warranty against squirrels and a 5-year warranty against bats. Joseph Herring Owner

Robert P.: Tried to use them but they failed to even start the job for over month Wasted my time with nothing accomplished. Would not recommend

Response Sep 01, 2021

Mr. Pettit, it rained several days the week we were scheduled to start your work. You were extremely rude to my employees when they tried to explain to you that they could not safely work on your roof because it was wet. I will not put my employees at risk. Joseph Herring Owner

Angela G.: Well, first of all I loathe snakes, even just the idea of them. I can’t tolerate even seeing a photo of one! When we discovered one in our garage I immediately started looking for someone, ANYONE, to come to the rescue. I don’t recall the gentleman’s name, but he came out in less than 30 minutes! He even called me afterward because he thought he had missed a call from me. I’m so impressed and satisfied! I would highly recommend that you call Carolina Wildlife with any pest issues. Very professional and prompt!

Angela N. M.: Our backyard we have noticed copperhead snakes recently. I thought I saw one under my deck one morning and called Carolina Wildlife Removal based solely on all the great reviews they have received. When I spoke with their office, the young lady was kind and courteous to a very nervous mama. We giggled about my situation and said she could have someone out shortly. I received a call from Dominic who was literally at my home within 15 minutes. That “snake” under my deck turned out to be a tree root. We laughed, but he was kind and the ultimate professional and didn’t charge me, but I tipped him anyway for his time. In situations like these, we just want someone to help us out. They did, even for my false alarm. I will definitely use them again for any other “real” issue I may have!

Mel B.: Very satisfied with Carolina Wildlife Removal. We had a bat in the vents to our attic and Joseph was very prompt to respond to our initial inquiry and quickly came to our house to inspect. He was professional and took the time needed to answer our questions. His team was also professional, knowledgeable, and did a great job closing off the areas where the bat could enter. The service did seem a tad expensive but overall, we are very pleased with the results and have a great peace of mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone with bat issues. Thank you Joseph and team!

Tee D. L.: The folks at CWR are top notch. I had an uninvited quest slither into my garage and they responded quickly to come help this jumpy girl out. It was late afternoon/early evening when other companies were closed. CWR was happy to help. Their guy came and was diligent in helping remove this little visitor and made his stay short. They didn’t kill it and relocated it far far away. Giving me some info that made me relax and helped assure that I would sleep again and not have to move. 🙂 Check them out if you find yourself in a similar situation. Friendly, trustworthy reliable people are sadly rare these days so its nice to run into them when you need them.

Mel B.: Very satisfied with Carolina Wildlife Removal. We had a bat in the vents to our attic and Joseph was very prompt to respond to our initial inquiry and quickly came to our house to inspect. He was professional and took the time needed to answer our questions. His team was also professional, knowledgeable, and did a great job closing off the areas where the bat could enter. The service did seem a tad expensive but overall, we are very pleased with the results and have a great peace of mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone with bat issues. Thank you Joseph and team!

Stacy R.: Called this place for starlings nesting in my bathroom or dryer vents. The guy I spoke to was very gruff and short and told me to just email him my information, which I did, and I never heard another word. I found another removal company who was responsive and they came out and did it for less money than this place quoted for me. I also told him that the nest was in the dryer vent and he stood me down that birds don’t build nests in dryer vents. Well, that’s exactly where the birds were. If you want someone who calls you back, find another business.

J. B.: Called Carolina Wildlife removal early July after finding out we had bats in our attic, Joe came out and did an inspection and showed me where the bats were coming in and out of our house, turns out we had over 70 bats in there, did the removal as scheduled in early August as we had to wait for the bats to finish having there babies “Yes bats are a protected species and cannot be harmed” They completed sealed up all of the areas of the house where the bats could get back in, apparently a bat can enter a space the size of your finger. then installed tubes so the bats can get out but not get back in. After 8 days they came back and removed the tubes and sealed up the remaining holes. These guys were very professional and very informative, yes it’s not cheap but worth every penny trust me you get what you pay for and I would have no problems recommending them to anyone needing bats or any other type of pest removed.

PJP S.: This company was recommended by a coworker who had a bat problem as well. I was stunned by how responsive Joseph was (super quick and very efficient). One company told us it would be 5 days before they could come out. Several companies never even responded to my email requests. Joseph responded within minutes, and I had even sent the email after normal business hours. He came the very next day, and I thought the price was fair. He answered all of my questions and again, I cannot compliment enough of how responsive he was through the whole process. Thanks!

Robert S.: Carolina Wildlife Removal came and removed a Copperhead from our kitchen. They were super nice and even sealed up spots that would allow other critters to enter again. They came pretty fast and we were able to get back to normal. I highly recommend them.

Joan P.: “5 STAR REVIEW” Joseph and his crew were excellent!!! Professional * Professional * Professional! Removed bats from attic, cleaned up & bat proofed my entire home! I am a local Realtor and will highly recommend Carolina Wildlife Removal to my clients, family & friends in need of this service! Thank You 😊