About Carolina Wildlife Removal

Joseph Herring and the staff at Carolina Wildlife Removal are dedicated to making sure that any unwanted wildlife that may be hiding in your home or business are properly captured and removed. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Carolina Wildlife Removal is always prepared to find and capture lingering pests, while also upholding an unwavering regard for providing humane treatment and relocation. Thanks to in-depth exclusion methods, this company makes a point to ensure your pest problems have long-lasting solutions. Learn more about our company’s values, and be sure to contact us to receive an estimate for any wildlife removing services you may need.

There are many ways that unwanted wildlife and pests can enter your home. Squirrels gain entry through the attic or the soffit along your roof line. Raccoons and opossums find their way into your crawlspace and attic through openings in the vents and attic fans. Bats can get into almost any attic through cracks in the vents or behind the chimney. All it takes is a single crack no wider than your index finger for bats to find a roosting place. It’s not uncommon to find a dozen or more bats using your attic as a roost. On top of that, bats are known to carry rabies and histoplasmosis. Call Carolina Wildlife Removal and enjoy responsive service. The removal team usually arrives the same day and gives an inspection.

Full-Service Removal and Exclusion

Carolina Wildlife Removal does more than simple wildlife control. In addition to removing dead and living wildlife from your property, the team does their best to prevent the problem from occurring again. Exclusion projects are also available, which involves permanently closing up the areas where animals were getting into your property. Exclusion work is guaranteed for up to five years.

About the Founder and Staff

After receiving a degree in Animal Science from NC State, the owner started this business. The team at Carolina Wildlife Removal has more than 15 years of wildlife control experience. A qualified contractor is on staff to handle all repairs, should you require them. As a locally owned and operated business, the owner is involved with every job.

Contact Carolina Wildlife Removal today to learn about additional wildlife removing services. The company proudly serves commercial and residential clients in and around Raleigh, Morrisville, Cary, Holly Springs, and Apex, North Carolina.