What to Look for When Hiring a Wildlife Removal Company

When it comes to hiring a wildlife removing company, it always helps to be prepared. While there are many wildlife control companies available, not all of them hold a universal standard for performance and quality. At Carolina Wildlife Removal of Raleigh, North Carolina, Joseph Herring and his team of animal and wildlife control professionals are ready to serve you. Here are a few pointers regarding what to consider when requesting wildlife removing services.

Reputation and Service History

Check for online reviews. If a company does not have any reviews, good or bad, there’s a reason. Google Reviews™ and Angie’s List™ are good resources for reviews.

Licensing and Certification

A Wildlife Damage Control Agent (WDCA) license is required to legally remove nuisance wildlife. A wildlife control license is NOT a WDCA license.

Proof of Insurance

An insured company minimizes your liability in the event of an onsite accident or injury. Ask for proof of insurance when calling any wildlife control company. Carolina Wildlife Removal is insured. If you do not decide to work with Carolina Wildlife Removal, please make sure that the company that you hire is insured. Do your research and make the decision that is in your best interest.

Pricing and Rates

Be wary of companies that itemize their bat proofing and prices according to the work per entry. The costs can add up quickly as more than expected charges are accumulated. We price our jobs by the job, not by the entry point. A set price is agreed upon BEFORE the work starts.

Warranties and Workmanship

A one-year warranty is not worth much when it comes to bat proofing. Carolina Wildlife Removal’s bat warranty is five years, ensuring your home or business is protected longer. Always choose a company that stands by its own work.

Contact us today to work with a wildlife removing company that covers all of the essentials. Carolina Wildlife Removal proudly serves customers throughout Raleigh, Morrisville, Cary, Holly Springs, and Apex, North Carolina.